About us

Ordinary human beings continuously get distracted by the acute and complex worldly circumstances of our materialistic society and gradually begin to move towards accumulating mental worries, pain and anxiety. Though this is a very common occurrence, its consequences have been to create an adverse impact on individuals, families and society along with creating a threat for future generations. The impact is clearly illustrated all around us. In this unwanted situation of confusion and uncertainty one only remembers the omniscient God Almighty as the source of truth and divine direction. Only he can solve our problems and redeem us from our sins. However, to experience the blessings of the Almighty and remove the negativity in us a mentor is needed. A mentor (Sadhguru) shall lead us towards the right path, protect us from sin, solve our problems and help us to develop affinity towards God Almighty in our minds. Keeping these pure and righteous objectives in mind, revered Shri Bal Govind Shandilyaji Maharaj founded Shree Maa Aadi Shakti Peeth in Bhopal. As a sequel to this a well-known Ashram like Karunadham was constructed, mentored by his son, revered Shri Sudesh Shandilyaji Maharaj. (Peethadhishwar of Karunadham)


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What We Do?

We have been continuously working towards serving the society. Our services include – Study Centers for poor students, Voluntary Medical Services (medical camps and homeopathic clinic), Cow Shelters, Meal Distribution program, Ambulance services and Funeral Service van.

Our Mission

We strive towards creating a peaceful world and instilling a feeling of love amongst all living beings. It is our endeavor to serve society to produce its’ betterment and to evolve a value system in children that teaches them self-reliance and develops them into educated good human beings

Who we are?

Since 40 years, with an objective of spreading spirituality as well as serving the society Karunadham through its affiliates like Shakti Vahini (youth wing for social work) and Anand Vahini (Special group for women) has been actively involved in helping the needy people

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Param Pujya Bade Guru Dev Balgovind Shandilya ji Maharaj​

Param Pujya Bade Guru Dev Balgovind Shandilya ji Maharaj​

Shree Balgovind Shandilyaji Maharaj, a married saint was born in a Brahman family at Nagpur on 16th December 1926. From his early childhood he was totally engrossed in spiritualism. From his early life he was a true devotee of Maa Bhagvati Jagadjannani Jagdamba and performed very tough penances. He attained immense supernatural powers (siddhis).We remember him fondly as Bade Gurujee. Totally dedicated to the worship of Maa Bhagwati, Bade Gurujee was a very simple, innocent and a true saint detached from worldly pleasures. His simplicity, innocence and magnetic personality attracted followers who gleefully bowed in front of them. Through his healing touch Bade Gurujee healed thousands of people suffering from chronic illnesses, incurable diseases and dire problems with an effort towards helping mankind. He was a great supporter and propagator of spiritualism, social consciousness and social upliftment. He attained salvation (Samadhi) and departed to heaven on 18th August 1985. About our current leader Shri Sudesh Shandliya Ji: Working towards attaining Bade Gurujee’s desire to spread spiritualism and helping mankind, his youngest son Shri Sudesh Shandilya Maharaj Jee established Karunadham Ashram. Shri Sudesh Jee has the same traits as his father had. Bade Gurujee’s preaching, insightful thoughts and wisdom have been further accentuated under the able guidance of Gurudev Shri Sudesh Shandilyaji.Through streamlined efforts under the leadership of Shri Gurudev Sudesh Shandilya ji,Karunadham has evolved into a position of being able to serve the society for its betterment and prosperity ,serve humanity through all possible mannerisms.