Bade Gurujee was a married saint and was born in a Brahman family at Nagpur in 16.12.1926. From his early childhood he was totally engrossed in spiritualism and social consciousness.

His simplicity, innocence and magnetic personality attracted followers and bound his devotees to bow in front of him. Bade Gurujee healed thousands of people suffering from chronic illnesses, incurable diseases and dire problems and he worked tirelessly towards helping mankind. He was a great supporter and propagator of spiritualism, social consciousness and social upliftment. He gave up his mortal body and departed to heaven on 18.08.1985.

Bade Gurujis preaching knowledgeable thoughts and blessings ,under the blessing hands and guidance of Gurudev Shri Sudesh Shandilyaji we are now able to serve society at every aspect for their betterment for their wellness ,for humanity and in all possible manners we are trying to do it .