A divine place wherethe needy and deprived get lasting happiness and content. Through its ‘Meal Program “Anna-Chetra” Karunadham has been taking forward its’ agenda to wipe off hunger.We ensure nobody who reaches out to us to be a beneficiary of this programme goes back hungry.You can also lend a helping hand in this quest of ours to remove hunger and deprivation .

For those who are not able to gather food even for a day ,helping hand of aashram comes forward for them. Annchetra means a place full of food ,is an initiative of Karunadham aashram to serve those who are in need of it,we just believe in sewa of people.


It’s our effort from last 5 years in which daily 250-300 people were serve with the morning food(for us it’s a breakfast) but for them a meal for whole day, there are many way to help people around and many helping hands are there for us ,these people help us in providing Raw material for making quality food stuff, even some help by monetary purpose ,that’s why aashram family decided that if some one wants to do this sewa monetarily he\she or may be there family member have to present during that sewa and give there sewa by distributing prasad to the people there .These monetary helps are fixed for a day its 1500.

If you want to be part of sewa you can contact us-: