Free Homeopathy Care

It’s a care center dispensary start around 10 year ago from aashram for the same people free of cost,this dispensary server till date around 50000+ people around Bhopal .

This center is open all days except Wednesday and people may reach to doctors in morning 10 AM to 12 Noon and in Evening after 7 PM to 8 PM,

If you are in need you can contact us-:

Free Homeopathy Care

These camps are need of society specially for slums and for villagers where constant medicines were not available at an instance.

We have set these Camps in remote area to help needy ones, consult them with renowned doctors and try to provide them better medicine for their cure. These medical camps include dentist, orthos, medicine, Specialist doctors for the people.

We are trying our best to serve them for more details Contact us-:

Wellness:- We believe in helping the people who is in need ,because sewa means no distraction from the need of someone for their betterment. In our wellness campaigns we help the needy ones in seasonal eras like in winter we donate Blankets to needy one at road sides, stations ,footpath ,in slums. According to seasons we change our approach to serve them for summer and rainy seasons we were there with water outlets, footwear distributions and Shelters and Raincoats were available for their respective seasons.

“ Wellness is a trait that empowers you with the ability to serve the society in any circumstance you face humbly without an expectation of favor in return .”

Karunadham family through its’ various umbrella organizations for past many years has been striving to serve the society and we are ready to go all the distance and do all it takes to fulfill any need of the society.We are always there to hear, help and heal. We are of the society, for the society and by the society.

We are willing to serve the society at its every aspect; there is some space for your ideas Contact us-: