It’s a saying “where there is a will, there is a way” we as a aashram folk believe in this and make sure to do our sewa karya with this willingness, It’s our Gurudev thoughts which empower us ,his willingness to server society at every aspect comes under this sewa karya in which aashram is helping needy and poor people ,that is Ambulance for them for free of cost and hearse van(Shav Vahan) for the needy ones.

Key highlights of the program:

“ An appropriate gift received by a person in need without an associated occasion may end up being more valuable and pleasing than the one received due to an accompanying occasion.”
Carrying forward our mission of serving the society is our affiliate organization “Shakti Vahini Sewa Sanghtan Samiti” offering the needy timely care throughout the year based on their seasonal needs and demographic profile. We ensure that no age group and no section of society remains left out in our mission be it children, old people or poor people.

  • Ashram family is also providing a free-of-cost vehicle (Mukti) to help the needy perform last rites of their deceased family members.This service is available within 200 kms range.
  • To offer timely medical aid to the needy a free-of-cost Ambulance (Gati) is also in service
  • PS- For availing services of Gati/Mukti please contact us @ +919893054321
  • For the day we have started this sewa we have serve around 200 families around city.
  • If any in needed we are eagerly help them you can contact us:-

Medical:- Everybody in this world needs medical treatments for their health and hygiene ,for their children’s ,for the old ones of family ,there are many people in this world those who died because of insufficient medical care,with this thing in mind we have come up with two medical treatments one is Homeopathy and Other one is well known Allopathic.