The free education service under the aegis of “Shakti Vahini” the NGO wing of the Ashram. The education service was started by Shree Gurudev for the children of slums to impart them education along with moral values for their individual growth and the betterment of the society

Key highlights of the program:

  • For poor and impoverished children, good education and a healthy environment is provided by “Shakti Vahini”.There are around 14 study centers which have been established in slum areas educating more than 450+ children at a time.
  • Under the current program, children are trained in computer proficiency, English language and environment related subjects. Moral education inclusive of values like patriotism, love for motherland and lessons on Indian culture are also part of the curriculum.
  • The program employs educated unemployed youth on salaried basis giving them employment opportunities for teaching the children. Teachers are appointed through formal recruitment so as to hire professional trainers.
  • Since, these children come from illiterate/poorly educated family background their parents are not able to pay adequate attention to their studies. In such a case the centers provide the right competitive as well as studious environment for these children to excel in their studies.
  • To motivate the children for studies Text books, stationery, school bags, notebooks and uniforms etc. are also provided along with birthday celebration of these children with gifts to make them feel loved and nurtured.
  • To generate interest in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities we organize different events on national holidays like sports day, Annual day, Group Outings, and also distribute sweets and other important daily use accessories on different festivals